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MySurvey is an online panel on whose website members participate in online surveys. These are commissioned by various companies in order to obtain important information and to draw conclusions from it. Members can exchange their earned MySurvey points for various vouchers or donations to charities. The operator and owner of MySurvey is market research company Lightspeed, which operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.

What is the merit of MySurvey

The earnings at MySurvey vary and depend, among other things, on your own profile. If possible, this should be filled out completely and answered truthfully. If this basic requirement is met, you can already earn money with the surveys that MySurvey sends you several times a month. The fee varies depending on the length and time involved, but most surveys usually take 5-10 minutes. In addition to paid surveys, the company also offers members the opportunity to recruit friends and earn 100 points (as of 2019).

How does MySurvey.com pay out?

MySurvey offers a variety of payout options for its members. In addition to vouchers for Amazon and Palmers, the points earned can be exchanged for various items in a rewards shop. You can also make use of a PayPal payment or donate to the UNICEF charity. The MySurvey Points you earn can be redeemed for as little as 500 points or more.

Is MySurvey a serious Online Panel?

MySurvey is in any case a serious survey portal, as it is actually paid out (on time) and the points are also remunerated on time. Mysurvey.com also adheres to data protection regulations, which means that Mysurvey.com works seriously. In addition, the service team is also very competent and offers quick solutions if required.

Our experience with MySurvey

We were extremely satisfied with MySurvey during our test phase. The online panel is serious and was also able to pay out on time. The surveys were sent out at regular intervals and arrived several times a week. Due to the fact that the surveys usually only take a few minutes, participation in MySurvey is a lot of fun, which is rewarded in the form of vouchers, donations or a PayPal payment.

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Good alternatives

1. Global Test Market
2. Toluna
3. Opinion study

Additional information about the MySurvey survey portal

Lightspeed Research Ltd.
The Old Town Hall
4 Queens Road
Wimbledon SW19 8YB
UK - United Kingdom

Owner: Lightspeed

Rank Panel Survey / € Surveys / Month Review
1. Globaltestmarket.com ~ 6 Euro A lot Review
2. Toluna.com ~ 3 Euro A lot Review
3. MySurvey.com ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
4. Meinungsstudie.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
5. Euroclix.de ~ 6 Euro Low Review
6. Mafo.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
7. Swagbucks.com ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
8. Entscheiderclub.de ~ 2 Euro Medium Review
9. Consumer-Opinion.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
10. Refero.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
11. Keypanel.de ~ 4 Euro Medium Review
12. Meinungsort.de ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
13. Gratispoints.com ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
The figures show the maximum survey fee achieved. The numbers of surveys per month is a subjective experience value. The number of paid surveys you can participate in each month, depends on your personality profile and the target groups you fit in.


02.04.2020 - Das Mafo Panel gehört jetzt zum Norstatpanel. Die Fusion ist geschafft.

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