This is how participation in paid opinion polls works

In order to benefit from participating in surveys and earn money with them, you must first register with one (or better several, see here) of the online panels. The registration is free with all offerers! The registration itself takes place via a web page, on which one must enter some personal data such as name, age, address and e-mail address into the form fields intended for it. Afterwards you will receive a confirmation email which usually contains an activation link. To complete the registration you have to click on it once and confirm the validity of the given e-mail address.

Then you can log in to the panel's website with your chosen password. Here you can view the available surveys and start answering them. (With some providers, you can also receive the invitation to the surveys individually by e-mail)

If you have successfully completed a survey, you will be credited for it. This money is first transferred to the virtual points or bank account. If you have reached the payout limit (between 10 and 50 Euro depending on the online panel), you can request the payout. If you have done this, the payment will be made to your own bank account (or Paypal or by cheque) at the next possible payment date.

In principle, that's what there is to say about the process of opinion polls. One must announce oneself actually only and start around money to earn!

We have had good experience with these market research companies:

Die Topliste der Anbieter von bezahlten Onlineumfragen

Platz Link Umfrage / € Umfragen / Monat Testbericht
1. ~ 3 Euro Viele Testbericht
2. ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
3. ~ 4 Euro Viele Testbericht
4. ~ 1,5 Euro Viele Testbericht
5. ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
6. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
7. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
8. ~ 4 Euro Mittel Testbericht
9. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
10. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
11. ~ 5 Euro Viele Testbericht
12. ~ 3 Euro Mittel Testbericht
Ausgeschiedene Panels ↓ Grund
13 Euroclix ~ 6 Euro Anmeldestop Testbericht
14 Refero ~ 6 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
15 Keypanel ~ 4 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
16 Global Test Market ~ 6 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
17 MySurvey ~ 4 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
18 Gratispoints ~ 3 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht

Die Angaben beziehen sich umgerechnet auf die maximal erreichte Umfragevergütung. Die Anzahl der Umfragen pro Monat ist ein subjektiver Erfahrungswert. Es hängt nämlich von den Angaben im Persönlichkeitsprofil ab, an wievielen bezahlten Umfragen man monatlich teilnehmen kann (Zielgruppe).

Großer Umfragenvergleich mit Diagrammen etc.


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