Prerequisites for participating in paid surveys if you want to earn money with it

In principle, anyone can earn money with surveys. All you have to do is reach the minimum age and have a computer / smartphone with internet access. Some market research companies also allow minors to participate in paid surveys. Thus one can improve oneself also as a juvenile with paid opinion polls the pocket money. But there are also providers of online surveys that only allow adult members to earn money with surveys.

A further prerequisite is that one is honest with the information given. This applies both to the own address and contact data and to the answers to the surveys themselves. The survey enterprises expect honest answers around an authentic study to receive. Who clicks through here as fast as possible without paying attention to what is clicked on, will be blocked sooner or later and will not receive any money.

It is therefore in your own interest not to make any false statements here!

These online panels are recommended if you want to earn money with surveys:

Rank Panel Survey / € Surveys / Month Review
1. ~ 6 Euro A lot Review
2. ~ 3 Euro A lot Review
3. ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
4. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
5. ~ 6 Euro Low Review
6. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
7. ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
8. ~ 2 Euro Medium Review
9. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
10. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
11. ~ 4 Euro Medium Review
12. ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
13. ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
The figures show the maximum survey fee achieved. The numbers of surveys per month is a subjective experience value. The number of paid surveys you can participate in each month, depends on your personality profile and the target groups you fit in.


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