Experience Report on Global Test Market - Our Experience with Global Test Market in 2022

Website: Globaltestmarket.com

Description: Globaltestmarket is well known and enjoys great popularity among its users but there are also many critical voices. This test shows how serious and trustworthy the survey portal really is. In extensive research we have dedicated ourselves to the portal globaltestmarket.com and obtained informative insights. Already since 1999 on the market, Globaltestmarket shows itself as a long-standing acting enterprise with over 1400 customers from all over the world. Surveys from the fields of industry and trade as well as marketing are answered by hundreds of thousands of participants.

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The earning potential of Global Test Market?

The possible earnings are based on the personality profile of the participant. If you are suitable for many surveys, you can achieve an attractive additional income. In order to be contacted for a survey, your profile must match the requirements of the survey. The surveys usually do not require a lot of time and can usually be answered within the specified time window. Participants with many different interests are invited to a survey about 4 times a month. Normal surveys have an average fee of 6$. But there are also very lucrative live surveys that are rewarded with a fee of up to $50. These highly rewarded and thus for the participant particularly interesting surveys are however relatively rarely offered.

The payment modalities of Global Test Market

Update - 2018-08-31: With the introduction of the new points system, the payout options have also changed. Meanwhile a credit payout starting from 5 euro is possible. Meanwhile also Paypal as well as Amazon coupons are offered. The waiting time for the last Paypal payment was 6 days. Partially it lasted however also already up to 2 weeks.

Disbursement statements:

Global test market is trustworthy, this panel pays out!
August 2018 (Perks Europe LTD executes the payments for GTM)

If you want to withdraw money, you have to wait until the minimum payout limit is reached. This is currently at 5 euros, although the payout of smaller amounts is not possible. The participant must wait until this amount is reached. With an interesting profile and earnings, one can crack the minimum limit already with one or two surveys. From 50 dollars one can be paid also by cheque. The cheques can be cashed easily at all banks. After a payment request by cheque, you have to expect a waiting period of 2 - 4 weeks before the cheque arrives by post.

It is a pity that the portal does not pay out online and offers Paypal or a conventional bank transfer, for example. Even if the portal pays out reliably, the possibility of the cheque payment offered as the only option in the digital age is to be understood as a minus point. However participants in surveys can rely on the fact that the payment takes place in each case.

How serious is the market research provider?

Behind Globaltestmarket.com hides one of the world's largest market research institutes called Lightspeed, LLC. As a participant in the surveys, you can therefore be sure that it is a reputable provider. The always occurring payment, as well as the kept data security give a plus point regarding the respectability. Also the participant does not receive any unwanted advertisement and can check in the imprint that the given data to the enterprise correspond with the reality.

Conclusion - Experience Report with Global Test Market

In the area of paid online surveys, our experience with Global Test Market is quite positive. Even if you wait a little longer for your cheque by post, it will arrive reliably and can be cashed easily at banks. This provider is one of the best panels for opinion polls. In order to obtain a really attractive additional income per month, one should register however nevertheless still with further portals for inquiries and rely not only on the offer of Globaltestmarket.com. If one takes part with enough survey portals, one creates it after short time monthly the money to be paid out to be able and always from another panel.

Praise - I like that very much:
Complies with the data protection guidelines of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Market Research)
There is an above-average number of surveys across all age groups
Young people can also participate in Global Test Market. The minimum age of 14 years is pleasingly low.
Good pay if you can complete the survey. (See Criticism)
Meanwhile there are various payment options (vouchers, Paypal, cheque)
Critique - I don't like that:
You can only earn money through surveys. There is no referral system. That's a bit unfortunate but bearable.
As with many other providers, catch questions are included which can lead to exclusion from the survey. Unfortunately, these are not always plausible.
Accounts will be deleted in case of incorrect address, date of birth or similar. Here you have to be careful not to make any mistakes when registering.

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