Experience report on paid market research: how to earn money with surveys

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In order to earn money with paid surveys, you need to know which market researchers work seriously. I myself have tested many websites that offer paid opinion polls in the last few years.

Not everyone is worth participating in surveys. From a total of over 60 market research companies I know of, there are only a dozen online panels where registration is really worthwhile. Which ones are listed in the best list. Before you click...

Please read this general experience report on this page first.
There is some useful information included, see my findings

With the other panels I tested, you either earn too little money per survey or the monthly number of opinion polls is way too low. There are also some panels that don't pay out at all or sell your data for advertising purposes. So that you do not fall for false promises, I present on this side only offerers, with whom I made meanwhile over years good experiences.

Important criteria for selecting a panel

  • 1. Is the provider serious and does he pay out the money?
  • 2. what is the number of surveys per month?
  • 3. What is the average compensation per survey?
The higher the last two values are in combination, the more money can be earned from the respective market research company. The differences between the individual market research panels are considerable. See: survey comparison

Knowledge of my experiences with surveys

Diagram: How many surveys you receive per month
  • The number of surveys available depends not only on the online panel you are registered with, but also on your own interest profile. This profile is used by market researchers to determine whether or not you are eligible to participate in a particular survey. Your own profile is therefore decisive. For some survey panels, a short, unpaid, pre-survey is also conducted before the actual online survey, which is used by the computer to assess whether you are eligible to participate in the main survey. In the preliminary survey, you must give honest and meaningful answers so that you can then participate in the paid opinion survey.

  • Whoever's not honest is fired. If you simply tick something indiscriminately in order to get it done as quickly as possible, the algorithm will notice that. The customers of the market researchers want serious data sets, therefore conspicuous accounts will be deleted!

  • Who would like to earn more than 50 Euro per month should register with at least 3-6 market researchers to receive enough invitations to surveys.

  • Depending on your personality profile, in my experience you can expect about 2-3 surveys per week and panel in which you can participate.

  • The market researchers recommended by me have no problems with the payout: they paid me the money after reaching the payout limit. The payment was made mainly by bank transfer, in the rarer cases by check or Paypal. In my experience the payout periods are very different: Usually the money was on the account within a few days up to two weeks. However, there were also cases where I had to wait over a month for the money, because the company has a certain deadline in the month when the payments are initiated. Who forgets this day with the request of the payment, must wait up to the next date.

  • Because of the minimum payout limits I would like to point out again that you should be active with several panels. This is the only way to get a monthly payment. If you just start, you will earn money from the first minute, but you can only get it paid out after 1-2 months, because it takes a long time until the minimum payout amount is reached at the respective panel. If you are active in several survey panels, you can time the payouts after the start-up phase so that money is transferred to your account every month. In my experience, this is also a very important tip when dealing with paid surveys.


Rank Panel Survey / € Surveys / Month Review
1. Globaltestmarket.com ~ 6 Euro A lot Review
2. Toluna.com ~ 3 Euro A lot Review
3. MySurvey.com ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
4. Meinungsstudie.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
5. Euroclix.de ~ 6 Euro Low Review
6. Mafo.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
7. Swagbucks.com ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
8. Entscheiderclub.de ~ 2 Euro Medium Review
9. Consumer-Opinion.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
10. Refero.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
11. Keypanel.de ~ 4 Euro Medium Review
12. Meinungsort.de ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
13. Gratispoints.com ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
The figures show the maximum survey fee achieved. The numbers of surveys per month is a subjective experience value. The number of paid surveys you can participate in each month, depends on your personality profile and the target groups you fit in.


02.04.2020 - Das Mafo Panel gehört jetzt zum Norstatpanel. Die Fusion ist geschafft.

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