Conditions for participation in online surveys

  • Who can participate?
    Any person who has a computer and Internet access can usually participate in paid surveys. However, depending on the online panel, there are certain restrictions regarding the minimum age or place of residence.

  • Minimum age
    The minimum age for participation in paid surveys is 14 years. Even though this is often not properly verified, there is no reputable provider of online surveys of younger people granted access to paid market research.

  • Residence
    The market researchers presented by us usually allow participation from Austria, Switzerland and Germany without any problems. There are only a few exceptions which exclude one of these countries. Also for people from the countries France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands there are many providers of paid surveys. In general, one can say that member states of the European Union are usually supported.

  • Fees & costs
    Serious market researchers never charge money to their subjects. All panels featured on this page do not charge any fees at the time of research. Membership is free.

  • Membership
    As a participant of online surveys, you usually do not enter into any obligations. Participation in surveys is voluntary.

  • Cancellation right
    As a member of a panel you can cancel your account at any time. Some panels offer a link to close your account. For others it is usually sufficient to send an e-mail to the support.

  • Surveys are legal?
    Yes, the whole thing is perfectly legal. Legally, there are no problems when participating in surveys. Depending on the income situation and personal allowances, however, it may be that you have to declare the income or even pay tax.

  • How much does one earn per survey?
    The remuneration for surveys is estimated at about 0.50 cents to 4 euros per survey. Some inquiries bring however far more in, with very special or long inquiries up to 50 euro can be in it. This is however the exception, under no circumstances the rule.

  • How often can I participate in surveys?
    To be invited to a paid survey, you must belong to the target group. The more information your profile contains, the better the pollsters can check before starting a survey whether you are suitable for the planned survey or not. Since every person is individual, you can never say exactly how many polls a person will be invited to. As a rough guideline, you can assume 2-6 surveys per month and provider. It is therefore advisable to register with several survey providers.

  • What are these surveys?
    The opinion polls come from a wide variety of subject areas. Often it is about brand awareness and brand reputation. But also user friendliness, customer wishes, product ideas and much more are part of the paid surveys. Most companies want to find out what can be improved in their image or products. Where the shoe pinches or which function is painfully missed with a device. The results help the companies to position their brand, to develop new products or to improve existing products.

  • Must I pay tax on paid surveys?
    In general, income from self-employment or a part-time job is taxable. There are, however, generous allowances, so that taxes do not have to be paid in every case. The whole is explained more exactly in this article: Taxable? Do I have to pay tax on my income from paid surveys?.

These are the best converting survey sites

Rank Panel Survey / € Surveys / Month Review
1. ~ 6 Euro A lot Review
2. ~ 3 Euro A lot Review
3. ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
4. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
5. ~ 6 Euro Low Review
6. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
7. ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
8. ~ 2 Euro Medium Review
9. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
10. ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
11. ~ 4 Euro Medium Review
12. ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
13. ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
The figures show the maximum survey fee achieved. The numbers of surveys per month is a subjective experience value. The number of paid surveys you can participate in each month, depends on your personality profile and the target groups you fit in.


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