The earning potential for online surveys

How much money can be earned with surveys is different. This depends on the one hand on the market research company, but above all on the target group to which you belong. Experience has shown that some target groups receive higher fees per survey than others and the number of studies for which they are eligible to participate also varies. The values given below have therefore been averaged from the experience of various users.

Do I have to pay taxes on my survey revenues?

Thanks to relatively high tax allowances under tax laws, many people do not have to pay tax on the additional income they earn through surveys. More detailed information can be found in the article: Tax burden through paid online surveys

How much can I earn with paid surveys per month?

If one takes the average of all serious panels, one can roughly calculate with about 5-12 Euro per survey panel and month. If you are registered with 5 online panels, you can reach between 20 and 60 Euro per month. Who registers himself with more companies comes accordingly higher in the earnings.

How much money do you earn per completed opinion study?

The remuneration per survey varies from provider to provider. In general, however, one can say that a survey should be remunerated with at least 1 Euro. With the good opinion researchers this is usually also the case. But often the amount is also higher. The payment per study lies between 0,75€ and 4 Euro.

What hourly rate can be achieved by answering surveys?

One factor that determines the expense allowance is the time it takes to answer a survey. Opinion polls conducted by market research institutions vary in length. With many of the serious online panels, you can expect about 1 euro per 10 minutes of time. This would result in a theoretical hourly wage of 6 euros. Who has a good grasp and can work fast on the PC, comes accordingly higher. Those who approach the survey more comfortably will get less. Also the target group affiliation plays here again a role.

How long does an online survey usually take


As a rule you need at least 10 minutes per survey. The majority does not last longer than 20 minutes. However, there are also very detailed studies that require more time from time to time. These are usually paid however also clearly higher.

Fazit: In general it can be said that the more panels you actively participate in and the more online studies you complete, the more money you can earn by filling out opinion polls.

Recommended online panels to earn money with surveys:

Die Topliste der Anbieter von bezahlten Onlineumfragen

Platz Link Umfrage / € Umfragen / Monat Testbericht
1. ~ 3 Euro Viele Testbericht
2. ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
3. ~ 4 Euro Viele Testbericht
4. ~ 1,5 Euro Viele Testbericht
5. ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
6. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
7. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
8. ~ 4 Euro Mittel Testbericht
9. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
10. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
11. ~ 5 Euro Viele Testbericht
12. ~ 3 Euro Mittel Testbericht
Ausgeschiedene Panels ↓ Grund
13 Euroclix ~ 6 Euro Anmeldestop Testbericht
14 Refero ~ 6 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
15 Keypanel ~ 4 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
16 Global Test Market ~ 6 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
17 MySurvey ~ 4 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
18 Gratispoints ~ 3 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht

Die Angaben beziehen sich umgerechnet auf die maximal erreichte Umfragevergütung. Die Anzahl der Umfragen pro Monat ist ein subjektiver Erfahrungswert. Es hängt nämlich von den Angaben im Persönlichkeitsprofil ab, an wievielen bezahlten Umfragen man monatlich teilnehmen kann (Zielgruppe).

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