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Information on dealing with paid opinion polls

How to earn serious money with paid surveys without getting screened out

To participate successfully in surveys you have to pay attention to some things. Many users are too hasty to get to the point without finding out about the background to paid opinion polls. This often ends in frustration and annoyance for those involved. Especially if you are excluded from a survey (disqualified) the anger is big. But that does not have to be. In order to prevent the premature retirement or to optimize the handling of Paid Surveys in general, I have put together some help for you. Those who stick to my tips will have much more fun with paid surveys.

Table of contents:

  1. General hints on making money with paid surveys
  2. Avoid disqualification, successfully complete surveys
  3. Rules for participating in online surveys


Important tips for earning money with online surveys

  1. Be honest with market researchers
    Those who want to earn their money with surveys should be honest with the survey institutes. This starts with the right name and address. This information is necessary for the money to be assigned to you and paid out. The own user profile should also be answered honestly, since this is also decisive for which surveys one is admitted to. For example, childless people are not allowed to participate in surveys on baby food or the like.

    After all, authenticity is also required for the surveys themselves, and anyone who clicks on answers here indiscriminately just to complete the survey quickly will be disappointed. After a short time such users will be thrown out of the survey panel, because they do not offer any added value to the market researchers or their clients and contribute to the falsification of the survey results. It is therefore worthwhile in any case to give honest information if you want to earn money in the long term.

  2. Create a new e-mail address and use it for your work
    By using an extra e-mail address you will not receive invitations to surveys between private e-mails. You simply log into your account and start working to answer surveys. Even though many panels now send invitations directly via the web interface, there are still some that send invitations. This measure is also recommended for those who are afraid of spam. Whereby it must be said here that the serious online market researchers must send all together no Spam, whereby the rumor seems to hold itself however stubbornly in the Web

  3. Be active - Log off at inactivity
    Only active panelists will continue to be invited to participate in studies. The market research institutes want active participants. This means that users should participate as regularly as possible in surveys in order to be invited to new surveys. If you are absent for a longer period of time, some online research panels offer the possibility of temporarily unsubscribing. This is very useful during longer holidays or other breaks from the survey business and should be used.

  4. Active with multiple online panels (survey providers)
    If you are registered with only one panel, you will not be able to reach the minimum payout limit every month. This means that there is no continuous cash flow. This frustrates many users, as it sometimes takes 2-3 months or even longer to reach the payout limit. However, if you register with several market researchers and are active there, you can earn a monthly income after only 2 months, depending on the amount of time you have invested or the number of surveys.

    There are also seasonal differences in the number of surveys between the individual panels. In my experience, participation in surveys is only worthwhile from membership in 4-6 panels, as this is the only way to get enough surveys to earn a good amount of money.

    How to prevent disqualification from paid surveys

    Who already participates in surveys will know the problem. You will be sorted out prematurely. The so-called Screen out or also the disqualification, because one does not belong to the target group of the inquiry is an annoying venture. Some of the on-line panels credit at least a few points to the asked ones with the premature separating from the inquiry or grant to the participant of on-line inquiry additional chances with a profit play. However, the majority of the panels do not give you any points if you drop out of the survey. You should therefore follow the rules if you really want to earn money with surveys!

    Why am I getting screened out before the end of the survey

    How do I not qualify for a survey? This question is asked by many study participants and there are a number of reasons why you should drop out before the end of the study. Clicking too fast (Bot-Alarm), giving different answers to recurring questions (Fangfragen) or because the survey goal has already been reached (being early is worth it). With the following tips you can usually qualify better for surveys.

    How to prevent excretion?

    1. Don't be too fast

      Most surveys take between 15 and 40 minutes to complete. The average time required to complete a survey is calculated by the pollsters or determined on the basis of test subjects. For many panels, this time value is even displayed before or at the beginning of the survey. If you now complete the survey much faster, the alarm bells will go off at the market research companies. Either you think one is a bot or a fast clicker, i.e. one that rushes through the survey as quickly as possible to earn money. Here it is assumed that the participant does not mean it honestly. It makes sense to take your time, even if you could complete the survey faster.

      Pro Tipp: To avoid losing time you can log in to two panels at the same time and switch between the tabs or polls. So you won't lose any time if you work fast and concentrated.
    2. Attention catch questions: Be attentive, always read the complete question

      To sort out bots and dishonest participants, the panels sprinkle catch questions into your tests. Sometimes there are certain requests that you have to follow. This can be the request to answer only one question on this page. If you answer all questions instead, the market researcher assumes that you are either not in the business or are completely a clickbot that should only earn money as fast as possible. For the market researchers, this causes damage because the research results do not correspond to reality. So it is no wonder if you are disqualified for it. The same goes for the catch questions. Often the same (or similarly formulated) questions are asked twice in an opinion poll. If you give different answers, you will be excluded from the online survey.
    3. Answer the online survey before the participant limit is reached

      When a new survey appears, it has a certain limit of participants. Depending on how many respondents the client wishes or how much money he makes available to the opinion research panel, this value is determined. If this value is reached while you are participating in a survey, you will be excluded from the survey. To prevent this, it is worth being one of the first to participate in the polls. The sooner the better. I recommend the use of a separate email address with push function. You will be notified directly if a new survey is available and can participate before the participant limit is reached.
    4. Fill in the profile completely and honestly

      When registering with the panels, you should provide truthful information. Market researchers need solid data in order to be able to allocate the participants precisely to the target group. It is therefore advisable to fill in the profile and all relevant fields. Anyone who makes false statements here will later fail the plausibility check questions interspersed in between. In most cases, you will not be able to remember the data entered during registration, such as date of birth, income etc..
    5. Therefore answer truthfully, do not contradict yourself

      With regard to the profile that must be filled in, questions are repeatedly interspersed during the survey survey, which refer to the data entered at the beginning. If you answer with the wrong age, the wrong number of people in the household, the wrong number of cars or similar, you will usually be disqualified.
    6. If you are asked if you work in one of the following industries

      The exclusion from a survey is often accompanied by the question whether you work for a credit card company, a bank, a car manufacturer, a travel agency, a supermarket, a marketing company or even a market researcher. If you tick here, you are often excluded for reasons unknown to me. If you work in one of these companies, you have to decide for yourself how to deal with it.
    7. System error, error messages, exclusion after completion of online survey

      Sometimes it happens that you have completed the whole survey, then you get an error message and you do not get any reward for it despite having completed the survey. This is the most annoying thing for me, because you can't help it. This happens due to technical disturbances. In this case, contact the support of your panel!

      Important: Always make a note at the beginning of the poll containing the poll id (This is a number you can find either in the browser address bar or on the poll page). Also make a note of the title of the survey and the time you took part as well as the time you finished the online survey. With this data you can write to the support, which can now trace how it came to the disturbance. If you write a ticket to the support without sending this data you will either be ignored or delayed depending on the panel. If you want to get your points credited you have to send the mentioned information to the support team

    Now you know everything about completing surveys

    Choose a panel from the best paying online survey sites below and start earning money in minutes!


    Die Topliste der Anbieter von bezahlten Onlineumfragen

    Platz Link Umfrage / € Umfragen / Monat Testbericht
    1. Toluna.com ~ 3 Euro Viele Testbericht
    2. Talkonlinepanel.com ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    3. Swagbucks.com ~ 4 Euro Viele Testbericht
    4. Casa-Doe.com ~ 1,5 Euro Viele Testbericht
    5. Myiyo.com ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    6. Consumer-Opinion.de ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    7. Meinungsort.de ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    8. Entscheiderclub.de ~ 4 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    9. Meinungsstudie.de ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    10. Mafo.de ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    11. Lifepointspanel.com ~ 5 Euro Viele Testbericht
    12. Norstatpanel.com ~ 3 Euro Mittel Testbericht
    Ausgeschiedene Panels ↓ Grund
    13 Euroclix ~ 6 Euro Anmeldestop Testbericht
    14 Refero ~ 6 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
    15 Keypanel ~ 4 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
    16 Global Test Market ~ 6 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
    17 MySurvey ~ 4 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
    18 Gratispoints ~ 3 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht

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