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Website: is a market research institute that has been on the market for many years. Behind this panel are well-known clients from industry, production and trade, but how serious does Toluna treat its members? Is Toluna's offer even fraudulent? In my test report I give you information about how good Toluna really is and how much money you can earn there as a participant of paid surveys.

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Point system: How much can I earn at Toluna?

Like many other survey panels, Toluna works with an internal points system. For successful participation in one of the paid online surveys you receive so-called Toluna points. The conversion rate for Toluna points to €uro is currently 4000 to 1€ (The current exchange rate for converting Toluna points to € can be found in the Terms of Use on the Toluna website). This sounds like a lot, but Toluna's points system is different from the competition. Toluna is generally rather generous with points.

The maximum compensation I received in an online survey was 50,000 Toluna points, or the equivalent of 12.50 €. The survey took just over an hour to complete. In this opinion poll, I came up with an hourly wage of just over 10 euros. I find that completely in order. As a rule, the payment for completed surveys is between 4000 and 20,000 Toluna points. So a payment between 1€ and 5€ per survey is converted into Euro. This is an industry standard rate in the field of opinion research. How much you earn per survey at Toluna depends on the duration of the survey. The amount of the expense allowance will be announced before the survey starts. So you know where you are. I think that's good!

The payout options for Toluna

Update - 2018-10-04: The payout options at Toluna have changed. In addition to the transfer to the bank account, Paypal is now available again as a payout option. A cash payout is now possible from 140,000 Toluna points (minimum payout). This corresponds to 35 Euros at the current exchange rate, which can be paid out either as a goods voucher or via Paypal. My last payout had taken up a waiting time of 8 days before the receipt of money was to be registered.

Cash withdrawals are possible from an amount of 35 euros (minimum withdrawal limit). For this, the points account must have a balance of 140,000 points. In addition to the possibility of withdrawing money, you can also opt for goods vouchers from different online shops or claim one of the bonuses. However, I have never made use of this possibility and therefore cannot write anything about it.

Note: Although Toluna offers a relatively large number of surveys, you will still not receive a monthly receipt of money with it. In order to earn a reasonable amount of money with surveys and to receive monthly payouts, I also participate with other market researchers (see list of the best below).

Tip: What can I do to be able to participate in more surveys?

You have the optional possibility to link the Toluna profile with Facebook or Twitter. This is not a must, but it is recommended and can increase the chances for higher paid or the chance to participate in more surveys.

Security and data protection guaranteed?

I have not received any unsolicited advertising from Toluna. My mailbox also remained free of third party spam, which would otherwise have pointed to the sale of my address information.

Hint: Nevertheless, I would like to advise every user to register with a separate e-mail address, because Toluna sends the invitations to the opinion polls by e-mail. You can turn that off but if you want to earn money with surveys you should take this to heart, because you have all survey invitations in a separate mailbox and you can call it up when you want to work. See Tips & Tricks.

The data entered with Toluna will be treated confidentially in accordance with their instructions and will not be used for advertising purposes or passed on to third parties. The data is transmitted in encrypted form via the https protocol, so that the user data does not fall into the wrong hands. Security and data protection are very important to This is also due to their membership in many well-known data protection associations.

Application procedure & what to consider

The registration at Toluna is very fast. In addition to your first and last name, you must also provide your email address and some information about your age and gender. You will then receive an e-mail with an activation link that you have to click on. After that you can earn your first money by filling out the profile questionnaires.

Hint: The answers you give here will be used in the later paid surveys in the form of catch questions to exclude automated bots and dishonest users. Anyone who gives false information here will have to struggle with screenouts later on. This means that you will be excluded from the survey and will receive the message not to belong to the target group of the survey. Therefore, fill in the questionnaires about yourself independently honest.

Who would like can link his account additionally with his profiles in social networks. This is supposed to give you access to more surveys, but I didn't do that. However, I found it useful to add a photo (Tip: is worth it because of the opportunity to take part in the Toluna Millionaire competition). If you would like to receive your payment in a bank transfer, you need to enter your bank details when registering.

Conclusion of my experiences in the test of Toluna

In terms of the number of surveys, Toluna is one of the opinion research institutes where participants can find a suitable survey at any time. The sheer number of surveys to answer is really large. The payment per survey is okay (there are panels with higher remuneration, but considerably less paid surveys).

What I don't like so much about Toluna is the increased number of catch questions. If you don't read exactly and give the wrong answer to a catch question, you will be excluded from the survey. This can be avoided by following the following tips to avoid the screenout. If you behave correctly and give truthful answers, you are usually not excluded. The premature exclusion from the survey then hardly occurs any more.

Generally speaking, participating in the opinion polls at Toluna is very easy. The variety of topics at is quite broad and you can now participate in surveys on the mobile device as well as on the PC. Also nice is the possibility to participate from Switzerland or Austria. This is a big plus point compared to other panels that only allow Germans to participate.

Praise - I like that very much:
Toluna is by far the panel with the most paid surveys
Member of the ESOMAR association and thus committed to the corresponding data protection standards
The internal Toluna Millionaire competition, here you can win 1.000.000 Toluna points every day. Participation is automatic if you have a profile photo and participated in a survey during the last 30 days.
Minors may also use Toluna. The minimum age is 16 years. However, this is not checked during registration.
Refer a friend program: You can invite your friends by email and get 500 points if they register via email
Critique - I don't like that:
The earned points are only valid for 16 months. If they are not converted into goods vouchers or a payout within this period, the points expire.
Toluna attaches great importance to congruent, i.e. consistent answers. In the past, the provider was often shaken by bots and has therefore included trick questions. You have to be careful not to give wrong answers, otherwise you will be kicked out of the survey.

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