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The market research in Austria is similarly strongly represented as in Germany. Here, too, there are countless companies in the field of market and opinion research. But at least they run their own online panels. Here are the Austrians who want to earn money with surveys something at a disadvantage. Residents of the Alpine Republic are best advised to register with one of the foreign market researchers. Many of them also allow Austrians to take part in the Paid Surveys. You can find out which of these are from the list below.

Research Panels to be Appreciated for Austrians

These market researchers are also active in Austria. You can read about our experiences with the respective providers by clicking on the link with the name of the panel. You will then get to the corresponding experience report. There you can read e.g. whether the provider is reliable, how the earning possibilities are and what has to be considered.


Recommendable websites for Austrians

  • Globaltestmarket
    As the name suggests, this is an international provider of paid opinion surveys. This provider is very broadly positioned and offers panelists many opportunities to participate in market studies. The panel surveys are well structured and can best be conducted on a PC. Globaltestmarket lags behind the competition in mobile devices, but is paid reliably and there are usually many surveys per month available. I would describe Globaltestmarket as the Grossglockner among the panels in which people residing in Austria can also participate.
    -> Global test market experience report

    Toluna is not an Austrian company but, like Globaltestmarket, a broadly based international research panel. In contrast to Globaltestmarket, Toluna offers with its internet presence a special interface for people living in Austria. The range of online surveys is as varied as at Globaltestmarket and experience has shown that Toluna also pays off reliably.
    -> Experience report on toluna

  • Opinion
    Like the German panel, is also a recommendable provider of paid online surveys. The panel offers fair incentives and works seriously. The earned points are credited and can be reliably exchanged for premiums or requested in the form of goods vouchers.
    -> Test report on

    Entscheiderclub sent itself to become a participant oriented panel with fair remuneration. In German-speaking countries, they have definitely achieved this. Now with a special version for the inhabitants of Austria is also available. The positive and negative aspects remain the same. Find out more about this market research institute in our field report.
    -> Experience report Decision maker club tested

  • Review to

    Meinungsplatz is an access panel appreciated by panel participants that offers product tests in addition to paid surveys. We do not yet have our own test report. This provider is currently still in the test phase.

  • Opinion Room by Opinions Online
    OpinionsOnline has launched an extra panel for the Austrian market. You can find out how this provider of remunerated online surveys performs in the following -> test report on Opinions Online follows

    With the "Consumer Panel Austria", the GFK Group also operates a website that addresses the Austrian target group. The Gfk Group is a market researcher to be taken seriously and carries out its studies far beyond the borders of Austria. In contrast to the other online access panels, only purchase-related data is collected here. The research at and behind the POS (Point of Sale) is in the foreground here. To participate, customers scan the receipts for their regular purchases with a free scanner and send them to GFK. We have no experience with the Panel yet.

    MindTake Research is active in 21 countries and has its headquarters in Vienna. It is really one of the few international market researchers operating out of Austria. At we do not yet have any experiences of our own. However, this provider is also in the test phase.

Die Topliste der Anbieter von bezahlten Onlineumfragen

Platz Link Umfrage / € Umfragen / Monat Testbericht
1. ~ 3 Euro Viele Testbericht
2. ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
3. ~ 4 Euro Viele Testbericht
4. ~ 1,5 Euro Viele Testbericht
5. ~ 2,5 Euro Mittel Testbericht
6. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
7. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
8. ~ 4 Euro Mittel Testbericht
9. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
10. ~ 6 Euro Mittel Testbericht
11. ~ 5 Euro Viele Testbericht
12. ~ 3 Euro Mittel Testbericht
Ausgeschiedene Panels ↓ Grund
13 Euroclix ~ 6 Euro Anmeldestop Testbericht
14 Refero ~ 6 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
15 Keypanel ~ 4 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht
16 Global Test Market ~ 6 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
17 MySurvey ~ 4 Euro Umfirmierung Testbericht
18 Gratispoints ~ 3 Euro Neue Testphase Testbericht

Die Angaben beziehen sich umgerechnet auf die maximal erreichte Umfragevergütung. Die Anzahl der Umfragen pro Monat ist ein subjektiver Erfahrungswert. Es hängt nämlich von den Angaben im Persönlichkeitsprofil ab, an wievielen bezahlten Umfragen man monatlich teilnehmen kann (Zielgruppe).

Großer Umfragenvergleich mit Diagrammen etc.


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