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More and more companies are launching surveys on their products or services. This enables them to check whether they are known as a company and whether their customers are satisfied. These surveys are organized by so-called opinion research institutes. One of the most renowned organizations is the institute of Meinungsstudie.de.

How can I take part in surveys?

Every opinion counts in order to improve the quality of products and the service of service providers. In order to participate in surveys, you must be a member of the relevant polling institute. Anyone over the age of 18 can become a member. The announcing with Meinungsstudie.de is simple, fast settled and naturally as with all inquiry portals free of charge. After one has filled out the short questionnaire to its personal data and verified the confirmation email, the account is activated and already one can start. The given data will of course be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties according to the terms and conditions. As a member you will receive new surveys on various topics at regular intervals. Who would like, can participate in them and answer with a few minutes the questions. If you are a member of the online panel of Meinungsstudie.de, you can contribute to market research and collect credit and attractive premiums by filling out the questionnaires.

How are the surveys remunerated by the opinion study?

Depending on the size and duration of the individual survey, these can be remunerated with up to 7 euros. These can be requested and paid out regularly in the form of vouchers. For each completely filled out questionnaire one gets free coupons of prominent offerers, so for example:
  • Amazon
  • Eventim
  • Webmiles Bonus Program
  • H&M Store
  • Douglas
  • New Yorker

Is Meinungsstudie.de a serious company?

The first opinion research to be documented took place as early as 1824. We are now writing the year 2019, and the methods used to conduct the survey have become increasingly representative. The research institute of Meinungsstudie.de has been established in Germany for many years and, with more than 250,000 members, is one of the leading market research institutes in German-speaking countries. Those who can remain competitive in the market for such a long time are generally serious and trustworthy. Experience reports in the Internet underline this. Meinungsstudie.de is a platform for all humans, who want to participate as members actively in improvements of services or service achievements and make thereby money.

Conclusion of our review on Meinungsstudie.de

Companies can use surveys to find out the moods and opinions of the population and act accordingly to improve their goods. The research institute Meinungsstudie.de is a good opportunity to let individual companies know what is important to them. This online panel is serious, pays off and with its good survey fees also recommendable for all those who want to earn money with paid surveys.

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Good alternatives

1. Global Test Market
2. Toluna
3. Mysurvey

Other opinion research companies that pay cash for their opinions 
Rank Panel Survey / € Surveys / Month Review
1. Globaltestmarket.com ~ 6 Euro A lot Review
2. Toluna.com ~ 3 Euro A lot Review
3. MySurvey.com ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
4. Meinungsstudie.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
5. Euroclix.de ~ 6 Euro Low Review
6. Mafo.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
7. Swagbucks.com ~ 4 Euro A lot Review
8. Entscheiderclub.de ~ 2 Euro Medium Review
9. Consumer-Opinion.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
10. Refero.de ~ 6 Euro Medium Review
11. Keypanel.de ~ 4 Euro Medium Review
12. Meinungsort.de ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
13. Gratispoints.com ~ 3 Euro Medium Review
The figures show the maximum survey fee achieved. The numbers of surveys per month is a subjective experience value. The number of paid surveys you can participate in each month, depends on your personality profile and the target groups you fit in.


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